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The Proof is in the Production!

Look at our calf crops - Bulls with the kind of thickness and beef we strive for in our calves. Heifers are typical of the femininity we seek.
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The 2yr-old bulls in this years Production Sale have never been offered for prior sale.
All animals selling are indicated to be Ostoepetrosis Free.

This years production offers breed top genetics from our natural and A1 sires

  • 3SCC Bandolier S152 - 2 bulls - An outcross sire with exceptional Carcass values. Was used on first calf heifers with great calving ease. These are 2 of his first progeny - stylish and thick 2 yr-old bulls.
  • Beckton Lancer S281 - 1 heifer - A young sire purchased for thickness, growth and superb carcass values. His first progeny last year were top sellers. Lancer sold in our Dispersion Sale last fall for 10,000.
  • BfCk Cherokee Canyon - 9 progeny - The breeds most complete Performance and Carcass sire and a Canyon son. His progeny are thick and stylish eye catchers just like Cherokee himself.
  • Bieber Xception 10083 - 1 bull - Xception calves are very impressive. They have been a popular group of bulls at prior sales and were among our top sellers. This 2 yr-old bull is really thick.
  • Buf Crk Chief ''Canyon'' 824-1658 - A top performing bull. Canyon is a heavily used sire both in purebred and commercial herds. His genetics are deeply ingrained in our herd. A proven Genetic and Balanced production sire and a long standing Milk Trait Leader. This Maternal Legend is one of the top "Female Producers" in the breed today. Look at the breed-top bulls and see how very many are sons and grandsons of this Legend. Where would the breed be without him?
  • Glacier Marias 548 - 12 progeny - A sire with an outstanding growth EPD package. Marias is a superior carcass sire. He sires heavy muscled performance cattle. Marias semen is very rare and his progeny are difficult to find. Our ET progeny are out of 108 MPPA Chief 8848 matron, her 108 MPPA Canyon daughter 9498 and a pair of top donor cows in 104 MPPA Zina 9811 and 104 MPPA Red Lady 9836.
  • Lcc Major League A502M - 4 Progeny - A calving ease sire who adds strong performance, maternal traits and top notch Carcass qualities. His progeny are very impressive embryo calves out of 2 of our top donor cows.
  • Lcc Marbles 1302K - 13 progeny - An impressive son of EBV 6703 that we chose at the 2001 Leachman Cattle Sale. He decends from a line of superior Carcass Sires. His first progeny are here and are they muscular, deep and thick and were top sellers at last years sale. Used on both heifers and cows.
  • Lchmn No Equal 1174D - 21 progeny - A calving ease sire with growth and performance, who also offers breed-leading Marbling. We used No Equal on first calf heifers and mature cows with great progeny results. Ranks in the top ten of the most heavily used bulls in the Red Angus breed this year.
  • Lman King Rob 8621 - 4 progeny - Embryo raised progeny from the infamous King Rob. His sons excel in feedlot conversion. A renowned sire in the breed, King Rob remains a multi-trait leader for Growth, Milk and ranks at the top for Stayability.
  • Messmer Director M82 - 16 progeny - This Chateau son out of a productive Julian dam has given us some remarkable progeny. A true calving ease sire with some thick made sons.
  • Messmer Geronimo 009R - 13 progeny - The first progeny out of this Cherokee Canyon son. Impressive calves. The bulls weaned with average 205 Wts of 704 lb and 103 AWR.
  • Messmer Granite 342R - 14 progeny - The first progeny of this remarkable Sire. Granite was our top seller in 2006. His tremendous growth and muscle can be seen in his offspring. His bulls weaned with an average 691 lb in 205 Wts.
  • Messmer Joshua 019P - 3 progeny - Joshua calves are spotted at an early age with the same thickness and depth as exemplified by their young sire. Joshua, sire of Messmer Packer, continues the Julian legacy in his progeny. This well respected and highly sought-after sire sire was lost to lightning 2 years ago. This years sale features 24 full sibs to Joshua.
  • Messmer Judge 36N - 8 progeny - This top Julian B571 son is in the ABS lineup - a super AI and flush sire with calving ease, growth and top carcass traits. Our Judge calves display the phenotype and style sought after by todays cattlemen. Come and judge for yourselves. Co-owned with ABS.
  • Messmer Red Option 9902 - 5 progeny - Red Option will add length, frame and performance. His progeny have been top sellers in many sales. His progeny from our herd are very impressive - thick and deep with added length.
  • Messmer Red Vision 9963 - 2 progeny - An impressive King Rob son out of a Canyon dam who sold into AI service. We were happy to get a few of his first straws of semen to sample in our herd last spring. These are his first progeny.
  • Messmer Yonder 120N - 6 progeny - This calving ease sire was used in our heifer breeding last spring with good results. His progeny are moderate framed and thick.
We extend an invitation to stop by anytime and see these progeny, many of which will be offered in our Annual Production Sale, next February.